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The booklet which accompanied the meeting, containing details of the talks and posters, is available for download in PDF format here.

The conference dinner will be held at Meze Mangal (245 Lewisham Way, SE4 1XF). Please let us know if you plan to attend the dinner by adding your name to this Doodle poll.



Day 1

Day 2

Morning I

Welcome & introduction
Keynote speaker (60+15min)

Short research talks (5x 15+5min)




Morning II

Themed research talks (3x 30+10min)

Short research talks (6x 15+5min)




Afternoon I

Long research talks (3x 30+10min)





Afternoon II

Long research talks (3x 30+10min)



Conference dinner



Key note speaker

Prof Philippe Rochat (Department of Psychology, Emory University) is a renowned developmental psychologist with a particular interest in the emergence of the sense of self and imitation.

Invited speakers

Prof Brigitte Röder (Biological Psychology and Neuropsychology, University of Hamburg) whose research interests include multisensory perception and age dependent learning plasticity of the human brain

Dr Sabine Schaefer (Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin) is interested in cognitive-sensorimotor coordination across the life span. She has tested children as well as young and old adults in dual-task studies combining a motor and a cognitive task.

Dr Marko Nardini (Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development, Birkbeck College, University of London) is interested in spatial representation and navigation in infants.

Prof Virginia Slaughter (School of Psychology, University of Queensland) heads the Early Cognitive Development Unit at the University of Queensland, and is interested in the emergence of body representation.